When it comes to craft brewing equipment, we mean business.

Lehui is the most qualified and respected brewing equipment manufacturer in Asia Pacific and has been providing turn-key systems throughout the world for over 25 years. Lehui Craft is here to work with small scale breweries (5bbl systems) and craft breweries (80bbl systems) expanding their operations. We have advanced know-how with a high level of technological expertise to optimize efficiency, tailored to the individual brewer’s needs.


For two and a half decades, Lehui has supplied many of the industry giants (Heineken, ABinBev, etc.) with brewhouses, fermentation tanks, and packaging equipment. Only the most precise techniques are implemented by Lehui engineers to ensure consistency and perfection. Automatic laser welding allows for flawless seams and, more importantly, vessels in which you can ensure your beer is safe from contaminants. The standard for quality is a bar which Lehui continuously strives to raise, allowing our customers to brew the best beer possible. Learn More


Lehui has the capacity and experience in manufacturing brewing equipment for large breweries across the world. We pay attention to the smallest of details, refusing to send out anything short of engineered excellence. We bring the same attention to detail to the American craft brewing industry, where the same great quality can be achieved at a more affordable price. Learn More
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