Cask Fillers

Manufactured in China using UK designs, Lehui’s cask-filling machines are highly efficient and are used by breweries around the world. All of Lehui’s cask fillers are small, compact and specifically designed for cleaning in place (CIP). They are simple to operate with fully automatic control systems that include a touch screen interface.

All Lehui cask fillers feature filling meters, automatic fining injections, fining protection sensors, data recording, expert remote diagnostics, self CIP and optional beer blending capabilities and conveyors. The cask washers and fillers are suitable for containers of all sizes, including 4.5-gallon pin casks, 9-gallon firkins and even 18-gallon kilderkins.

CF50 Cask Filler

50 Casks Per Hour
Single Head

CF55 PLUS Cask Filler

55 Casks Per Hour
Single Head (Second Head Optional)

CF80 Cask Filler

80 Casks Per Hour
Twin Head

CF120 Cask Filler

120 Casks Per Hour
Twin Head

Cask Washers

Lehui’s highly efficient cask-washing machines are designed to wash, sanitize and condition casks at a rate of up to 80 casks per hour. Manufactured precisely in China using UK designs, Lehui’s cask washing equipment is used by breweries around the world. All of Lehui’s cask washers are simple to operate with a fully automatic control system that features a touch screen interface, and the filling systems are designed specifically for cleaning in place (CIP). All of our Cask Washers have the same quality features:

Simple – Easy-to-use touch screen & one-button wash
Auto-Drain – No need to pre-drain cask
No Trap Points – Guards over moving parts
Safety Locks – Avoid spray when removing cask
Quality Wash – High-pressure washing & rinsing
Low Water Use – 6-8 liters of water per cask
Steam Sterilization (Optional)
Detergent Dosing (Optional)
Water Recycling – Over 75% of water is recovered for pre-rinse
Multiple Sizes – Washes firkins, kilderkins & pins
Online Support – Remote diagnostics & online software upgrades
Stainless Steel – High-quality materials & construction
Optimal Loading Height – Designed to reduce back strain
Integrated Tanks – Pre-rinse & detergent
Hot Water Tanks (Optional)


CW30 Cask Washer

– 30 Casks Per Hour

CW60 Cask Washer

– 60 Casks Per Hour

CW80 Cask Washer

– 80 Casks Per Hour

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