Quality is our number one priority.

Lehui Craft strives for quality in all that we do – from our product to our customer service and everywhere in between. Using precise engineering, automated laser welding and stringent quality control measures, we ensure consistency and perfection with every piece of brewing equipment we make.

Lehui has been granted with:lehui-craft-brewing-equipment-brewhouses-fermentation-tanks

  • State Highest Quality Award
  • ISO 9001 certification and certifications for American ASME, EU’s PED, Russian GOST and Australian AS 1210 AAA rating to the highest credit level for ten successive years for enterprises by China Banking Audit System.
  • Lehui acquired production license for pressure vessels and installation license for pressure pipelines. Lehui has registered over 30 patents.
  • Lehui works closely with customers to understand the customer’s needs and restrictions, carefully designing a one of a kind turnkey brewing system. Lehui engineers will work within given parameters to maximize space and production efficiency for the customer.
  • Lehui strives to offer the best value to customers by using the most advanced technologies to better and more efficiently manufacture brewing equipment of superior quality at competitive pricing. Lehui is proud to offer brewing equipment comparable with German excellence, at Chinese pricing!
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