Bottle Filler

Lehui 8000-12000 BPH beer and carbonated beverage glass filler Capper meets the most stringent hygiene standards with low oxygen pick-up control, high precision of level control and more than 90% operational efficiency. It complies with CE certification. Lehui packaging equipment is an excellent and successful craft brewery preferred cost-effective products.

Cask Filler

There are various types of cask filler from CF55 Cask Filler to CF 120 Cask Filler. Single head or twin head, brim fill or meter fill, together with Auto Finings Injection, self CIP and so on.

Cask Washer


No need to drain or pre-wash cask. Easy to use touch screen and one button washing. Guards over all moving parts to avoid any spray once cask is removed. High pressure washing and rinsing. Average usage 6 to 8 liters of water per cask. Over 75% of water used is recovered for pre-rinse. Washes firkins, kilderkins, and pins. Remote diagnostics and software upgrades via the internet. High quality construction. Designed to reduce back strain. Pre-rinse and detergent.

Keg Washer Filler

KWF35 Keg Wash Filler

  • Low cost high spec washer filler
  • Re-wash/Recovery tank
  • Detergent tank
  • Self-clean CIP
  • Data recording
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Meters all UK safety standards
  • Meter filling standard (option)
  • Low level keg load and remove
  • Keg pressure seal check

Packaging Equipment Products

Product Description
Keg Washers & Fillers Up to 35 Kegs Per Hour
Cask Fillers Up to 120 Casks Per Hour
Cask Washers Up to 80 Casks Per Hour
Bottle Fillers Up to 10,000 Bottles Per Hour
Can Fillers Up to 18,000 Cans Per Hour
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