Brewing equipment designed for the ever-evolving craft brewer.

Between brewhouses, fermenters, brite tanks and more, Lehui has the experience and know-how to design and install brewing equipment for breweries of any size. With a range of equipment sized from 5 to 100 bbl and beyond, Lehui’s craft brewing equipment is designed to maximize efficiency, sanitation and the overall quality of your beverage. Whether you need a turnkey brewing system or individual pieces of equipment for handling raw materials, brewing or packaging, Lehui can accomodate your needs. For standard projects, we are able to provide designs and manufactured solutions with lead times as low as 120 days, all the way from design to installation.


Standard Brewing Equipment Products

Product Description
Pub-Size Brewhouses 5-20 bbl Per Batch
Craft-Size Brewhouses 20+ bbl Per Batch
Fermentation Tanks 3-250+ bbl (Larger Tanks Can Be Custom-Made)
Brite Tanks 3-250+ bbl (Larger Tanks Can Be Custom-Made)
Mobrew Mobile Brewing System (Capacity of 500 L Per Batch)
Turnkey Brewery Systems 10,000-2,000,000 bbl Per Year